My First Fanvid

This is ancient, so it doesn’t contain Richard Armitage. 😛 (Skip to the comment below the video.)

It was cut together when I was still in school, so it’s from 1999 or 2000. We didn’t even have digital editing on computers at the time, so this is made the good ol’ way with a couple of VHS players/recorders, using source material which for the most part was maybe 5th generation copies, so quality isn’t brilliant … but I do think it’s kinda cute. 🙂

With Richard Armitage fanvids, I did start to make a Guy/Marian one (yes, OMG! I don’t even like Marian!) to a Blackmore’s Night song, but haven’t come very far. And I only have Windows Movie Maker, because the Sony one that came with my laptop is about as useful as Windows Live Movie Maker or whatever it’s called. Which is a piece of shite that has done away with the timeline altogether, not to mention editing clips. Bleargh. Maybe one day I’ll finish it. Maybe.

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