Naturally Richard Armitage

Okay, so channel-hopping after Masterchef on BBC1, we came upon the end of Natural World on BBC2. There was a baby elephant to begin with, and then elephants in general, and my delighted “naww!” probably prevented the Squeeze from changing channels straight away. I LOVE elephants!

Squeeeee!! An Indian elephant at Twycross Zoo in 2004.

So, sitting there with a huge smile on my face, I realised who the voiceover artist was… and that person… was Richard Armitage. I just looked him up on IMDb (if I had a penny every time I went to that site…) but it’s not listed there, although there is a thread about it on the message board. His voice seems to be everywhere on TV nowadays – and it’s good to get confirmation of it. It means it’s not just me being delusional! 😉

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