New look!

I was going to create my own layout, but I haven’t had any inspiration for how it would look. That, and the fact that I couldn’t quite be bothered to make a template that’s perfectly Blogger compatible as there’s soooooo much extra code that goes into it that I haven’t quite figured out where to begin. *cough*

Today, I decided to google Blogger templates (the default ones are terribly boring) and found one I quite liked and I think would fit with the blog. So, this is the new look, called Club Red. What do you think? Better or worse or the same, just different? 🙂 The background is similar to what I had in mind, and if there’s already a finished template, weeeeell… no work and all play! 😉

I might still decide to make my own template, but at least this is a bit more interesting in the meantime. (Not that any attempt of mine would look better than this one, I have to admit!)

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