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New Spooks = Christmas in Richard Armitage fanland!

Wowza what a day to be Richard Armitage fan! And what a busy day for him! In the studio with Myleene Klass and then off to BBC to be on Radio 1 with Greg James. See, yesterday, the Chris Moyles breakfast show were lamenting the fact they didn’t have a celeb lined up for Friday’s show and I was thinking “hey, they could always get Richard Armitage in!” – and all the while, he was going to be on a later show instead.

Cheered me up a lot to come across all these RA goodies thanks to fellow fans. My back has been playing up a lot lately so I finally made it to a physiotherapist yesterday so it can start to feel better and this totally made me forget about the aches and pains at least for a little bit, so thanks, ladies! A big thanks especially for all the lovely people who have made these things available for the rest of us! Grounds, walking upon, worship … you know. 🙂

After reforming my body from the happy puddle I got transformed into, let’s see what’s cropped up recently. I have been shamefully neglecting to post about Mr. Armitage recently, it feels. Remedy time!

“Jaysus ladies, it’s Christmas!”

BBC’s breakfast show had around 07:50 a behind the scenes of Spooks featuring a short clip with him being interviewed. Interesting and whets appetites for Monday!

Two hours later, on to Lorraine on ITV, which would normally be presented by Lorraine Kelly, but she’s off today and replaced with the gorgeous Myleene Klass. Who can’t keep herself from bringing up the circus … yawn. We learn what the man’s pick-up line with regards to Lucas’s tattoos is “come and find out” (what they mean). Har har. Would totally work. But, like I said in a comment on Maria Grazia’s blog post (which is where I saw the interview earlier today), he could talk about cold porridge and it would work as a pick-up line. Hell, it would be “you had me at ‘hello’” for real!


In the second part, he helps out (sort of) to make a Thai green curry. What skills he has with a knife! He chops coriander like it’s nobody’s business. And likes it spicy too, it seems. Richard and food. Ooh. Richard cooking food. Picture this: you’re at the cooker preparing dinner (because you have a normal job and therefore have made it home first, so fair’s fair), your man walks in after a hard day’s work on the Spooks set and says in that chocolatey, velvety voice, “what’s for dinner?” and gives you a smooth kiss, and … if that thought doesn’t make you squee even just a little, something’s wrong with your fangirl settings. Try turning it on and off again! (And he’ll do the dishes. Or at least load the dishwasher. And then I’m thinking candles and a bathtub. And a back rub. Yeah, especially that last bit. Could use some of that!)

The Greg James show on BBC Radio 1 is on between one and four and there’s a webcam capture to ogle and all, mreow. A lucky girl in Greg’s “posse”, Geri who says she’s “a little bit” of a fan of RA … and then gets to hug him!! Aaaaahhhhh!!! How brilliant is that?! 😀 Oh the hugging envy I have right now!

How can you be just “a little bit” of a fan, anyway? A fan who can restrain her Armitage fandom? Keep it under control? How does she do it? … Okay yeah, so jumping up and down making squeeeing noises is probably not a very dignified way of identifying yourself as a fan, especially not when being in the same room and within like three feet from him and then being singled out as a fan by a presenter on [inter]national radio, yeah, I can see why she said “a little bit” and not “holy crap yes, I blog and you should see my DVD collection and my latest fanvid and all my Gisborne fanfic and my Li’l Guy doll and signed copy of Strike Back and and and OMG you’re totally here in person, I can’t believe it, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” like I’m sure she was thinking. Teehee.

The interesting thing is, he talks about flying and being invisible as the common superpowers people want to have, and being a spy is the closest you can get to being invisible. Sounded like he wouldn’t mind being invisible himself. Aww. What say you we borrow Harry Potter’s cloak and be invisible together? I can bring some home-made brownies. I’ve been told I make really rather nice ones. 🙂 (I blame RAFrenzy for suggesting there might be more to him fancying a snog with Nigella Lawson after she’s eaten chocolate cake! Stuff like that just makes my imagination run way too wild. But they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach …)

There seems to be a few different opinions on his hair as well in the fandom world. Personally, I love the hair. Looks great on him! I have already confessed a certain fascination with hairstyles, and this definitely is one of those hairdos that just work. Reminds me a bit of Harry Kennedy, actually, and that’s always a good thing. The ITV interview brought up Vicar of Dibley, and it sounded like he really enjoyed doing it and hopes they’ll do another special. So do we, me duck, so do we.

“Bring up the Army as well and I’ll brood you into submission!”
(She didn’t. Woohoo! Finally!)

There has also been various interviews. In Closer magazine, he mentions a steamy scene on a kitchen table. Kitchen table, not living room table, coffee table or anything. Kitchen. Cooking again! Aww. And then he mentions pizza. I wonder what sort of pizza he likes. Pepperoni? Hawaiian? Just a plain Margherita? Or maybe something fancier? The pizzas in Britain are a bit dull compared with the ones you can get in Sweden, I feel. Not enough variety here. I wonder if he’d like Swedish pizzas if he went there. Maybe he’s already been? (That’d be another question to ask if I ever crossed paths with him in real life: “Have you ever been to Sweden?” and if yes, “Where did you go? Did you like it?”)

Aaanyway. Who sent him the pants that don’t ride up your bum and what on earth did they send them? Did they, like he wonders himself, see him pulling his pants out in public? Or are his well-educated Radio 4 listeners just worried he might be uncomfortable?

Dating a fan, yes, I can see that would be weird. Imagine what your Tweets would look like: “OMG I’m dating Richard Armitage!!” and “OMG Richard Armitage is in my bed!!” dozens of times a day! No, the dating a fan thing … we’ll leave that for fanfics, shall we? Interesting how he says you either date someone famous or “fall back on an ex” because it’s difficult to meet new people. And how he’s quick to point out that he’s not short of a date in the same breath as pointing out that he’s single and in want of a family.

Can’t believe he wants to be a James Bond villain! Now he has something in common with Sam Neill. Imagine the two of them teaming up as villains in the same movie. I’d go see that at the cinema and buy the DVD. My two favourite actors in the same film. Squeee. They’re going to need to brush up on their cat skills, though. They can come over to my place and say hello to Daisy, she’ll train ’em. I know Sam’s definitely a dog person, but what about Richard? Cat person? Dog person? Not really an animal person, even if he had the time? (That would be disappointing.)

“I’ve been expecting you, Mr. Bond.”

Then there’s the Day in the Life of Richard Armitage, but considering the time and how incoherent and babbling I’ve become while writing this post during the night, I think I’ll save that for another day. Excellent article, though, absolutely magnificent. And definitely won’t cure ladies of their fandom. Hoooh no.

I listened to Symphony of a City from BBC Radio 3 today as well. Wonderful. The American accent was okay but far from perfect, as Servetus has already pointed out. At least he gave it a go, and that’s what matters. Besides, everything gets better with practice! 🙂

Also caught a bit of the Surgery School on TV, which I only watched because of Richard Armitage’s narration. Well, I saw about half of the first episode and then decided to switch off. Couldn’t watch the rest. It was too cringy. Nervous surgery novices being angsty about cutting into people and with operating scenes as well – just … no. No matter how much I enjoyed the narration, the rest of the programme was too difficult to watch. Not a bad show, just … felt wrong.

Right. I’m off to bed and all of today’s broadcasts can be downloaded from Richard Armitage Net here, so what are you waiting for? Go go go!! Big thanks to RANet and the RA fans for being so on the ball that the things are online almost as soon as the bits have been broadcast. You rock!

I bid you have a great weekend and to all a good night. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “New Spooks = Christmas in Richard Armitage fanland!

  1. Yeah! It’s been just like at Christmas: so many cute presents! And tomorrow night … the biggest one, Spooks s09e01!!! Ready for new Lucas’s adventures!

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