New Thomas Anders single, yay!

The new Thomas Anders album, Strong, is already released in Russia – the rest of us have to wait until May or June before its being released in Germany in order to get it from Amazon. Boo! Hiss! The first single from it is called “Why Do You Cry” and is a catchy song, not unlike a good Modern Talking track. Here’s the official video:

For the new album, Thomas has gone to Russia. The Russians have written songs, they’ve come up with a video and directed it and everything. It might actually be quite a smart move, because Modern Talking were (and still are, seven years after the second split) huge over there. Having the duo’s singer working with a team of Russians and releasing the album there first might actually be a really clever move, rather than working with the usual bunch of Germans.


I wish him lots of success with this new album, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Meanwhile, I suppose I’ll just keep working on my SingStar highscores, now that there are two Modern Talking tracks on SingStore: Cheri Cheri Lady and You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul. More where those came from, if you please!

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