Now and Then: Matthew Lewis

It’s been AGES since I last did one of this – in fact, just under two years. Time do do it again, I reckon. Could do posts about everyone in Harry Potter, but I’m going to start with someone who really has changed a LOT: Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the films.

Cast your mind back to 2001 … *wibbly wobbly effect and harp music*


Neville’s a clumsy little loser, basically, who can’t even keep track of a pet toad. He’s bad at everything except Herbology, but he still manages to stand up to his friends and say enough is enough. A true Gryffindor, and we love him.

A few years later, he’s still a bit goofy and everything, but he’s starting to change.

“Harry, what are you on about? This isn’t mistletoe!”

And then, lo and behold, this is him now, ten years later. Can I get a “wowza!” or two? The lad has certainly grown up to be a handsome fellow! 🙂

Hot dang!

Well done, sir! Really well done. Hope we’ll see more of you in times to come. Acting-wise, that is. May your career be long and fruitful.

(And yes, I should’ve perhaps started with Daniel Radcliffe, considering today is Harry Potter’s birthday – and JK Rowling’s – but I prefer Neville.)

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