Pentultimate week of 5 Weeks – 5 Themes

So strike me pink, but I was sure I had written this post before, scheduled it for this morning and everything, and … no trace of it anywhere! o.O

Tomorrow, the penultimate week of 5 Weeks – 5 Themes begins, and it’s entitled Weird and Wonderful. Stuff that doesn’t necessarily make sense, or is just plain peculiar, but pretty good, nonetheless.

One of the above images is to do with a book. At least two others are based on books. If you know what day Friday is, you’ll have no trouble figuring out what the topic of the day will be. 🙂

Anyhoo. It’s fun to be able to have themes, but at the same time, I picked a really bad month to do so. Been stupidly busy with work, and it would have been nice to say “actually, I’m going to skip posting today” but having a theme kinda means I have to stick with it to the end. Only a couple of weeks to go now. Problem is, I haven’t decided on the theme for the final week. I had one, which I’ve then decided against, so now I’m considering something else!

See you tomorrow!

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