People that remind me of Richard Armitage #1

Please tell me I’m not the only one who keep seeing people that remind me of Richard Armitage? Surely you keep seeing people that remind you of him as well?

Anyway, here’s the one that gets me every time we watch Grimm: Sasha Roiz.

Not a striking resemblance perhaps, but he’s dark-haired, tall, has a nice voice, the right kind of nose, and his expressions are just very … Richard Armitage. He even has those pointy elvish ears!

Perhaps you need to see the man in action to see what I mean, but let’s try a few pictures instead:

Could be Lucas, but isn’t.

Heinz Kruger?

Broody crinkles.

They should at least be able to pull off playing brothers fairly well. That would be pretty sweet. I’m sure there are plenty of clips of the man, seeing as how he’s the police captain or something in Grimm.

Then again, I also can’t watch Grimm without constantly thinking how Nick reminds me of a younger Ken Olin. Now I just need someone to remind me of Sam Neill, and Bob, as they say, would be your uncle. 😀

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