Primeval is back on ITV

Saw a bit of it. Seemed awright. Perhaps a bit better than it used to be, even? Which is just as well, heh. Haven’t followed this show with any sort of zeal, or, indeed, at all, really. Seen the odd episode here and there, and most of series one, I think.

For this new one (series four is it?), I was struck by:

  1. Complete and total inability to watch Ben Miller without expecting him to say something along the lines of “actually, this isn’t funny. This actually happened to a mate of mine” or “isn’t it? Isn’t it, though?” or basically any other Armstrong & Miller catchphrase you can think of.
  2. “Hey, isn’t that the guy from Strike Back?” Just checked, and yes, yes it is! (Alexander Siddig, rowr!)
  3. The complete and total droolworthiness of Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) and Abby (Hannah Spearritt). That’s one hawt couple. They weren’t exactly ugly before, but now … wowza.

Woah, HELL YES! And the guy on the right ain’t bad either.

And yeah, I really am that shallow. Especially with shows I’m not all that interested by, because then I need an incentive to watch. Points two and three of that list are definitely incentives in my book. Especially point three.

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