Prince Nuada film? Aww, HELL YEAH!!

Came across a site where you can watch a trailer for a film the Hellboy fandom thinks should be made. I’m not exactly in the Hellboy fandom, but the best thing about Hellboy II: The Golden Army was Prince Nuada (Luke Goss). I agree with the site’s creators slash makers of the impressive trailer that there is a lot more that can be said about that character. Like his (and his twin sister’s) entire backstory, squeee! That would be MADE. OF. AWESOME! 😀

So go check out the trailer and sign the petition and cross fingers that this film will be made. Director Guillermo del Toro is aware of the petition, and sounds like he’d want to make it, if the studio funds it. According to the site, Luke Goss is also positive to play the guy again. (Fans, feel free to squee as appropriate.)

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