Question of the week: Darcy or Thornton?

There’s a reason for pitting these two men against each other. Essentially, because P&P and N&S are similar in many ways. Just because a lot of you are fans of Richard Armitage and thus biased toward Mr. Thornton… well, it doesn’t mean everyone is! Or does it? Read And Find Out! 😀

Okay, yeah, so I still haven’t got over the fact that Darcy beat Rochester in the previous poll (14 vs 7). Y’all are just WRONG on that one. *sniff* 😛 No, really. Darcy might’ve been what got me into costume dramas, but Rochester and Thornton are what’s keeping me hooked. And a bunch of others too, admittedly, but I need to get to bed and if I were to list them all, I’d be up all night!

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