RA Fanstravaganza – Second poll

Best Kiss

Claude Monet & Alice Hoschedé, The Impressionists

Squash my face like a croissant, mon ami!

Claude Monet & Camille Monet, The Impressionists

Guy of Gisborne & Marian, Robin Hood

Guy of Gisborne & Meg, Robin Hood

Harry Kennedy & Geraldine Granger, The Vicar of Dibley

Ian Macalwain & [some lady], Ultimate Force

 Haven’t seen UF yet, so I don’t actually know  her name. She’s got taste, though, I’ll give her that!

John Mulligan & Ellie Morgan, Moving On

John Standring & Carol Bolton, Sparkhouse

And look, there’s Meg in the background!

John Thornton & Margaret Hale, North & South

Lee & Jo Ellison, Cold Feet

Lee & Ramona Ramirez, Cold Feet

Lucas North & Sarah Caulfield, Spooks

Paul Andrews & Alona Cunningham, Between the Sheets

Pictures primarily borrowed from the Armitage Army Gallery,
just a shame I couldn’t find pictures of some of the characters kissing. :/

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