RA narrating a Santander ad?

I just saw a TV commercial from Santander… and I wasn’t paying attention (as we were discussing dinner options) but as there was a pause, I caught the end bit and thought “hang on… that voice… is that RA doing a voiceover?” He’s done voiceover work before, and goodness knows he’s got a good voice for it. I’ll have to keep an ear out for the ad and have another listen. 🙂

If anyone in the UK has heard it, what do you reckon, is it him?
EDIT: ‘Tis him. Who else would it be with That Voice?

Have a listen/look:

(Thanks for the link, Maria! 🙂 When I tried to find it on YouTube, I didn’t watch the one that said “Lewis Hamilton” as I was expecting it to have a title about RA… which it didn’t, of course!)

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