Reminder: English Heritage Open Days

For those who are inclined to look at old buildings, a bunch of them will be open next weekend. Amongst those, North Lees Hall in Hathersage (Derbyshire). Thursday and Friday by appointment, open 10-16 Saturday and Sunday.

One thing I didn’t realise until … yesterday is that North Lees Hall is actually not just some country house you can go visit whenever you like. It’s a holiday cottage. Rent-a-castle or perhaps rather rent-a-manor. Which means, the only time you can see the place on the inside is on one of these open days – unless you want to cough up £455 for a three-night stay in the winter (low season), or a whole lot more during the summer months. The place does sleep six, though, so if you’re a few people, you can always stay together for a few nights and share the cost. Wouldn’t it be fun to get six Jane Eyre-ites together for a weekend at the place that inspired Thornfield? 🙂

Anyway. This realisation, i.e. it’s open day or I won’t get to see it on the inside at all (or at least not any time soon), means the Squeeze and I are going sightseeing this weekend! Wooh! North Lees Hall! Thornfield! Morton! Eyre family! Charlotte Brontë’s inspiration! 😀


  • Heritage Open Days: North Lees Hall (visiting this weekend)
  • Vivat Trust: North Lees Hall (renting the place)

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