Results are in! Twilighters and Edwards

Question of the week: Meyerpyre or Fwuffy Doggie?

And the winner is …
Team Arrrrghhhh-I-bloody-hate-Twilight!!!

You can has taste, 11 peoples (52%). Well done. 🙂
Team Sparkles & Team Jacob – 5 (23%) each – aww, dey tied.
Team Bella – 0 (0%) – and quite rightly so.

Thank you, 21 voters! Always interesting to have some polls going! 😀 26 people voted in the next poll, which posed a most important question: who your favourite Edward is. Sparkles or someone else? Turns out Sparkles wasn’t it. Woop woop! (*does victory dance in the background*)

Your favourite Edward?

Edward Fairfax Rochester
*Snap* 18 (69%) votes! <3 *victory dance again*
My favourite Edward too. Like you didn’t already know. 😉

Edward Scissorhands is tied second with “Some other Edward” – 3 (11%)
Which other Edward would that be?

Norton? But he’s not fictional.
At least I don’t believe he is …

Mr. Edward Ferrars – 2 (7%)

 Cravatted blokes. Nowt wrong with that at all.
Still not seen the latest S&S adaptation.
Not enough time. 🙁

Sparkles Cullen, the potato and the old kings didn’t get any votes at all.
So here’s a sympathy picture for that group:

My favourite Edward out of the ones that got no votes.
Mmmm, tasty Edward. Tasty like Rochester. Just in a very different way.

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