Richard Armitage and the Arts

Is it true that if a person is artistically inclined and talented in one way, they are more likely to be artistically inclined and talented in other ways too?

That is the question.

Judging by Mr. Armitage, the answer is yes, very much so. We all know he can act, so that’s one just for starters. He has mentioned on several occasions that he plays the cello, and that, to me at least, makes him a bit artsy. If he was just into music like most people, he’d be strumming an accoustic or maybe even electric guitar from time to time, because that’s the most common thing, really. Or play the piano. But a CELLO? That’s pretty impressive.

(Thanks to Angelfish via Skully for this one!)

If someone can play an instrument well, then they probably can sing as well, right? You’d think. With regards to Richard Armitage, from what I’ve gathered, he’s said he’s not a singer. However, listen to the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa and you’ll ask yourself what he means by “not being a singer” because that is one incredible singing voice!

And if you can play an instrument and sing, you’ve obviously got rhythm, and if you’ve got that, you might be able to move quite well. Dancing? Well, the man’s got that covered too, having taken dancing lessons and been in Cats and everything.


Paint? There’s an interview he did to promote The Impressionists, where he says that he has done a bit of painting as well. He also mentions that his favourite Monet painting (he played Claude Monet in The Impressionists) is one he saw in Paris, and it’s the Houses of Parliament in the sunset, and how vivid the colours were. Unfortunately for us, Monet did a lot of paintings of the same subject at different times of day, so it’s anyone’s guess exactly which sunset over the Houses of Parliament Mr. Armitage was on about. It’s not exactly like van Gogh’s Sunflowers or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Looking at a few different sunset Parliaments for comparison, I chose this one:

The way he’s made the clouds and the colours of them are incredible, and the painting has its own life. Whether this is the painting Dear Richard spoke of, there’s no way of knowing. However, if you want to know more about Claude Monet, the famed squirrel beard, paintings or The Impressionists, Phylly’s blog is the place to go! 🙂

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