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Rise up for Christchurch, fandoms!

Recently, I wrote about the Tobathon arranged for charity by the Toby Stephens fandom. In the same post, I also mentioned the generosity of the Richard Armitage fandom. Time for an update on that one, because the Armitage admirers have found another way of backing charitable purposes and it must not go unreported!

At 9pm/21:00 GMT (for easy reference, for UK add +1, for western Europe +2), there will be a telathon in New Zealand in support of rebuilding Christchurch in the aftermath of the earthquake there earlier this year. Even before the event has started, the Richard Armitage fandom has already raised about NZ$1000. Well done!

To begin with, Servetus said she would donate money for everyone commenting on a particular post on her blog, up to a certain amount. RAFrenzy countered with matching her amount, and judiang and others have offered to do the same! How kind of them! Very admirable ladies, all of them. 🙂

Apparently, one way of fundraising for the event is to pose a challenge to someone, like a celebrity. Calexora had an inspired idea, which she put to both Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen respectively on Facebook: to have Richard Armitage play the cello in the telathon. McKellen said he’d ask, but as far as we know, the only way The Hobbit cast will be involved in this is to donate a by them signed copy of the novel in question. We live on hope – maybe he will. Guess we’ll find out, starting in about half an hour’s time. Kudos for the idea of the challenge, Calexora! 🙂

You can donate to Rise Up Christchurch here (VISA/MasterCard only – I was hoping for a PayPal option, but no. For reference, a NZ dollar is worth about GB£0.50 or US/CA$0.80.)

If you’re in New Zealand, text the word ‘RISEUP’ to 933 to donate $3. If you’re in the UK (!): text the word ‘EARTHQUAKE’ to 70500 to donate £5 or 70303 to donate £3. You can include a short message as well if you like, it may be displayed on “public media” at the event.

I wonder where the Sam Neill fandom is in all of this. Not that they’re very vocal, but the man’s a local to the area, after all. So this is not just a call to arms for the Armitage Army, but also to fellow Sam Neill fans. Let’s go raise some money to charity, people! Hmm, where’s my mobile phone again? I seem to have the sudden urge to send a text message.

Watch Rise Up Christchurch live over the internet

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