Sam on vampires

In an article on the NOW Magazine website, namely this one: NOW Magazine // Movies // Q&A: Sam Neill, there’s the following quote:

The movie’s bloodthirsty quality makes a nice change from all the Twilight stuff.

To be honest, I don’t particularly like a lot of them. For “vampire,” read “emo” – the disaffected, boring youths I put up with because I have teenagers. These people come drooping through my door, and I don’t particularly care for them. When they get to 21, they’ll be fine, but in the meantime they like vampires – and boring vampires.

Aww, you da man, Mr. Neill! 😀 If I didn’t love you already!

He’s in a vampire movie (with proper vampires, the fanged, non-sparkly kind who don’t do garlic, mirrors or sunshine) called Daybreakers which premiered here in the UK yesterday. We’re thinking of going to see it on Saturday. A Sam movie the Squeeze actually wants to watch! The movie also features Ethan Hawke and is probably more the Squeeze’s cuppa tea than mine, but hey, I won’t be watching it for the plot or the amount of gore, but for Mr. Yellow-eyes himself:

“Perrin Aybara can bite my non-sparkly corporate vampire behind.”

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