Seeing Hogwarts is the greatest Harry Potter moment

According to the show I just caught the second half of on ITV1 (sources say it’s being re-run on Saturday – HELL-O DVR!), the greatest moment from the Harry Potter films is … none other than the first glimpse of Hogwarts. (Second and third being character deaths, #3 from HP7:1, and #2 from HP6 – you know the ones I mean. Of the two, I preferred #3, because of the words that are spoken just before, because they make what happens next even more sad.)

Do you remember the first time you saw Hogwarts on screen?

For the first film, I went to see it at the cinema with my mother, who has read and enjoyed the books too. I remember sitting there in the darkness, and then Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came into view, and I was completely blown away. How magnificent it looked, perched up on that cliffside! It was so incredibly BIG! In fact, my comment at the time was that it was just like I had imagined it, only much bigger and with a vastly better 3D rendering. It was AMAZING.

Sure, it doesn’t help to be in love with it simply because I’d love to have gone to Hogwarts in real life and it has a most beautiful and delightful, proper castle-looking architecture … roleplaying all over it means that I have a much deeper appreciation for it. Hogwarts isn’t just some building on screen or in a book; Hogwarts, in a way, is like a home. I love it.

How much do I want to go to the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, on a scale from one to ten? A freaking gazillion. And do you think it’s because of the rides? Stuff the rides, I don’t give a crap about those. I want to go simply to be able to see it in real life, and walk around Hogsmeade. What a dream come true.

To the people who designed Hogwarts for the films, not to mention the location scouts who found all those great filming locations for it – I freakin’ love you.

All of the above screenshots are courtesy of myself, akshully. *ahem*

(Leffe, if you read this and wonder why the hell there aren’t loads of pictures of the Quidditch pitch, I promise to write you a whole post, complete with a slideshow, about it at some point! :))

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