Sharleen’s back!

I was listening to Chris Evans on BBC Radio2 the other morning and heard them talking about Sharleen Spiteri and the song “Xanadu”, and if it was a hit or a miss sort of thing. Didn’t hear the song itself, but as the first single from her album Melody (2008) showed up in my playlist, I was reminded, and went to see if I could hear it. Found this, from the Graham Norton Show on New Year’s Eve:

And then I went to have a look to find some news, but her official website hasn’t been updated in quite a while, so I got a hold of a Texas fansite called Texas in Demand, instead. And they did have news. She’s got a whole album coming out! In early March! 😀 The album’s going to be called The Movie Songbook (according to the cover) and is full of covers of songs from – you guessed it – the movies! Here’s a tracklisting:


  1. Xanadu
  2. If I Can’t Have You
  3. God Bless The Child
  4. Between The Bars
  5. The Sound Of Silence
  6. What’s New Pussycat?
  7. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  8. Take Me With You
  9. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  10. Many Rivers To Cross
  11. O’ Pretty Woman
  12. This One’s From The Heart
  13. Take My Breath Away

Some songs I’m not familiar with, but I’m really looking forward to “If I Can’t Have You” and “Pretty Woman”. Also, apparently, Texas are recording a new album as well, so I’m all excited! There will be proper CDs bought this year, and not just the one: two! (Three, if the Texas one comes out this year.) Thomas Anders’ new album Strong is said to be released in early February. It’s been four years since the last one now, so I’m glad it’s finally coming out! 😀

Anyway, if you needed a reason to love this bonny Scottish lass other than the fact she’s a fantastic singer and insanely beautiful to behold, it’s her Paris Hilton incident. Don’t ever mess with a Glaswegian or she’ll f***in’ have ya! I remember her telling that story when she was on the Graham Norton Show a couple of years ago, and it was as funny then as it is now. Go her! 🙂

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