Single-minded? Moi? (Yes, another Strike Back post)

They just said on Sky1 that Strike Back will begin with a double episode! 😀


Female fans (and they are legion; when Armitage, who’s single and lives in south-east London, made his romantic debut in North & South, BBC switchboards were jammed with heavy breathing) will just be happy their man spends a good part of Strike Back with his shirt off.

(From Reader’s Digest, May 2010 – thanks to Maria Grazia for the link!)

Shirtless RA!!! Aww, but then we’ll be all distracted and won’t pay proper attention to the story! Oh well, I’m sure we can all live with that… 😉

But – ladies and… probably no gentlemen – let’s not forget who else will be struttin’ their acting stuff on screen in this production: Cathy Earnshaw ’98 (Orla Brady), Edgar Linton ’09 (Andrew Lincoln), Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston ’09 (Jodhi May), Friar Tuck “off of” BBC’s Robin Hood (David Harewood), that annoying guy in that Spooks episode (Ewen Bremner) and last but definitely not least because rather it’s the best for last – Edward Fairfax Rochester ’06! Yes, we’ve got two episodes worth of Toby Stephens to look forward to!

“Do you love me? You can’t be without me, clearly.”

So let’s remember, it’s not just an Armitage-fest, it’s an outright costume drama reunion! With Toby Stephens!

One day left…
and then… on Wednesday,



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