So here’s to you, Mrs. Armitage

Before I completely forget, I have to quick recall what little I remember of a dream I had last night:

Richard Armitage had got married.


His new missus was an author and scriptwriter, but not well-known at all. Not heard of full stop, I should say. They had met on set of … Captain America or something?

It made perfect sense for them to get married as well, they seemed well-matched, even though there was no way for us of really knowing who on earth she was, aside from a small picture. She was pretty, but not in a Hollywood way. Believably pretty, you could say. Fairly ordinary, like the rest of us.

It was all very sudden, we fans didn’t even know he was dating and suddenly, we get the news that he’s married, and we’re all left with a feeling of “huh”. But pleased for his sake.

Most peculiar. I wonder what that’s meant to symbolise.

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