Spooks 8.4

I’m writing this while watching the episode… if you’ve seen it, you’ll have no trouble understanding why. 😉 I’ve paused it on 13:50, because woah, some stuff to tell already!

Firstly, I’m just wondering who in their right mind would go to bed wearing all that mascara in real life… epecially with shiny, white bedlinen. They’d look a mess in the morning! Good thing the mascara seemed waterproof, but still, it seemed odd. Says me, who might end up wearing mascara once or twice a month. This happens pretty much straight away, so not a spoiler. 😛

These things ahead aren’t spoilers as such. I’ll try to focus on the skin rather than the plot. 😉

Not even 15 minutes in and already we’ve had several gratuitous barechested shots of Lucas North. Some in bed. Some dreaming. Cauldron reaching for, umm, Li’l Lucas under the covers… that’s an image that’s going to stick for a while.

I got confused, were those flashbacks of Lucas in Russia being tortured, or someone else? Or a bit of both?

The thing that really had me wondering WTH and that is a huuuuuuuuge fangirl service is something that happens roughly 11 minutes in, where Lucas is being told to strip and put on an overall thingy. No reason given. He obliges… we don’t just get to see his upper body, we get to see him from top to toe… Before you collapse completely: it’s shot from behind, of course – it’s gratuitous, but not that gratuitous! 😉 So yeah, all 188 cm (6′ 2″) worth of RA are there for the ogling, and they get ogled GOOD, lemme tell ya! Sure worth looking at. In fact, maybe I’ll just go back and watch that scene again before moving on…


I don’t know if the change of clothes was some kind of pervyness on behalf of the person who told him to strip, or if it was some kind of psychological move, or if the scriptwriter(s) just really felt like giving us an early Xmas present. Maybe we’ll find out later.


Not really, seems to just be an old psychological trick. Russian bloke had Lucas trained like a Pavlovian dog.

48:12, in which there’s been some interesting information on Lucas’s past in the interrogation camp, a shouting match and… plot-related stuff. It would’ve been funny if “Rencon Solutions” had been called “Retcon Solutions”. There have been more shots of a shirtless Lucas, some serious angst and kissing. And now for the dramatic ending!


Is there such a thing as a reversed Stockholm syndrome, by the way? (Er, I’m doing a psychology degree, shouldn’t I know that sort of thing already?) But if there is… perhaps it applies to this episode. Then again, Lucas’s response was pretty cold. Not as cold as Cauldron, however! Ros is icy, but in a very different way to her. Cauldron is just… I don’t believe her declaration of love for one second. She’s not icy, she’s liquid nitrogen.

Going back to re-watch certain bits…

“Undress and put on the boiler suit.”
(a load of women spontaneously combust in front of their TV:s)
“And now?”
“Now we talk.”

No, there really was no explanation given, aside from just a psychological trick, but hey, I’m totally not against lucious bum shots for no reason. It makes no real sense if you think about it with your brain, but if you think about it with your ovaries (or whatever us ladies think with that’s the female equivalent of thinking with the genitals), it makes a tremendous amount of sense. More of that, please! Wooh!

…I think I just over-dosed on estrogene.

P.S. Jane Fairfax from Emma 2009 was in this episode for a brief scene. As a junkie. Surely she should be getting bigger roles than that?

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