Spooks 8.5

Decided to watch last night’s episode after having let the cat out and seeing the Squeeze off to work, as a way of making me not go straight back to bed and sleep half the day. I have an exam tomorrow and a lot of studying to get done before then, so need to stay awake. Unfortunately, with SAD, getting up and staying awake is a bit of a challenge. Maybe Lucas can keep my eyes open, eh? 🙂

This is another one of those running commentary things. So far, I’ve wanted to yell “because you f***ing killed him!!” after hearing “they’re too young to have lost a father”. Bah! And also, a spontaneous “oooooh”, as in, who’s Jack Coalville and will he get it on with Ros? Harry/Ruth shipping? (something Ragtag found was ripe on Spooks forums.) Meh. (And I agree with her, how can you focus on Harry/Ruth when Lucas was out-angsting everyone? With bumshots?) I say Jack/Ros is more interesting. Maybe he used to be on the show, like Ruth, but has returned? Although I can’t see the name in the list. I mean, the scene in the café… hand on shoulder! Squee!

So what’s the episode about? Well, Cauldron’s boss died… obviously. Another guy died… oh, and there’s Lucas in leather, mreow. Putting on an accent to boot. Lying comes rather too easy to Harry, doesn’t it? I was considering changing the name to Cauliflower, but that sounds too cute and as if she’s a dimwit – which obviously she isn’t.

The camera work is starting to annoy me. Stop zooming in and out like that and shake it all about! Can’t you keep it still for once?! FFS!

…And that’s why you don’t use wireless keyboards! Blech, I don’t like wireless keyboards and mice. They’re a blummin’ nuisance, and going through batteries and such… no, better off with just a normal, wired keyboard.

“Ros, no heroics.” “Yeah.” Stilted much?

“Sam Walker was a friend.” Interesting way to treat your friends.

Oh, Cauldron with a British accent! That suits her a lot better than the American, it seems a lot more natural. Even if it isn’t.

Is that a P-series Sony Vaio in Coalvilles car? They look awesome, but I wouldn’t want one. This laptop is small enough! Interesting turn of events, and in the end, the shipping idea… well, maybe in the past. When he was showing her the ropes as a new recruit and all that…

Oh, if only Lucas’d throw Cauldron over and handcuff her! Nah, it’s not Xmas just yet. Maybe they’re saving that for the series finale.

A so-so episode. Not as much Lucas as last week, but not as little as two weeks ago (an episode Ros seems well and truly over already). And he showed of the tattoos again. They’re hideous, but fortunately, they’re only fake! Loved the angst in the end, there. Great, brilliant, wonderful acting as usual, Mr. Armitage!

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