Spooks 8.6

Incidentally, last night, some channel or other was showing the movie Avatar from 2004… starring… Genevieve O’Reilly! She had a funny accent, bordering on Aussie. It was a movie from Singapore or something like that. Aaaanyway. She’s in this episode, of course, with a particularly exaggerated American accent, and she’s up to no good. No change there, then. Except now, our team of dashing heroes are on her trail.

The episode is focused on Ryan Baisley, an annoying guy (Ewen Bremner, the one who’s in Strike Back), who has some bank account details to sell, because he happened to hack his own bank to get them. He now wants even more money to give them up to the MI5, and then it turns out people who happen to have those bank accounts don’t want that to be revealed, and is out to kill him. Cue dashing heroes.

At the same time, the Home Secretary is forced to resign, because of some economic kerfuffle. You see, there’s such a thing as a financial eclipse, where you can’t play about with money like normal, because then you get find out and the economy collapses. You have to play it cool and let it blow over and the population in general is none the wiser. Well, guess what? Britain’s in one. Hence why that money is top priority for the government, and with that, the MI5.

Some great scenes between Lucas and Cauldron, lots of angst. What happened in the end, I’m not entirely sure, but I hope watching the next episode will clear things up. The episode as such was memorable enough that I had to watch parts of it again in order to be able to write this post. So yeah. Time to watch the next one, I reckon. It’s said to have Pakistanis in it, apparently. Makes a change from the Americans, I suppose…

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