Spooks 8.8

Erm, okay, if my period was this late, I’d be about two months pregnant. So let’s get straight to business!

I wanted this post to contain a single image and a triumphant “HA-HA!” or something, but I haven’t been able to track down a screenshot, so you’ll just have to imagine it instead (or watch a clip on YouTube):

Sarah Caulfield. Hospital bed. Bullet between her eyes. Score!

At least that means she and that bloody accent won’t be back next season… on the downside, it would appear neither will Ros. 🙁 I was worried Lucas would be in the building when it blew, but luckily, he was outside, so he should be fine and dandy, and live to show off his tattoos one more day. Hooray!

This season, there has been some good points: For instance, Lucas having been fed. He was a bit too skinny for my taste in series seven, but now he looked healthier. Ros was icy as ever, which is funny, because Hermione Norris is supposed to be a very warm person in real life… Why have I never seen her been warm on screen? Karen in Cold Feet was also a bit on the chilly side, although not to the extreme of Ros.

Harry is one of the fans’ favourite characters… apparently. I thought he seemed to buckle a bit too quickly when he was interrogated by MI5. He’s experienced, knows all the tricks, and yet he seemed to break down almost straight away. Also, I know the actor’s last name is Firth, but he’s not Colin Firth. He’s a very good actor, absolutely, just… I’m not really in love with Harry.

Lucas on the other hand… weeeell… Fantastic actor and a really intriguing character to boot. Win! I know, a good actor can turn even mediocre roles into intriguing characters who we can’t help but swoon over, even though the material they have to go on is poor. *drags Guy of Gisborne out of the evidence locker*

The show has been renewed for a ninth series, so fingers crossed there’ll be no killing off of Lucas North just yet. We’ve only started to scratch the surface, after all.

Oh, what the episode was about? Erm, something to do with a conference hotel being blown up by terrorists or something like that? *cough* After all, it was a while ago, and my lasting memories were that of Ros and Sarah dying, Lucas not dying and an explosion. The rest is, as they say, history.

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