Spooks 9 – all set for Monday!

A work colleague was speaking to someone called Lucas, and when he had hung up, I said “I would’ve been SOOO impressed if that Lucas was Lucas North from MI5!” He looked at me and replied, “Why? Who’s that?” – he obviously doesn’t watch Spooks, but as he said he used to once upon a time, I let him know that it starts again on Monday, 20 September 2010, at 21:00 / 9pm. Series nine! Already! Woohoo!

R.I.P. Ros Myers 🙁

And here’s the BBC blurb about episode 9.1:

Reeling after the explosion at the hotel, Section D are left considering the sacrifices they make as spies. But they are soon back in action, tracking Somalian AQ terrorist Abib on a boat from Tangier.

When it becomes clear that the boat is carrying a lethal load, the team fear it is headed to Plymouth for the launch of the newest addition to the royal navy’s fleet. But is the real target elsewhere, and is it too late to find the UK source of the plan?

Lucas’s own faith is challenged when he is visited by an unwelcome ghost from his past.


Harry Pearce – Peter Firth
Lucas North – Richard Armitage
Ruth Evershed – Nicola Walker
Tariq Masood – Shazad Latif
Beth Bailey – Sophia Myles
Dimitri Levendis – Max Brown
Home Secretary – Simon Russell Beale
Vaughn Edwards – Iain Glen
Nicholas Blake – Robert Glenister
Theo (First Mate) – George Georgiou
Abib – Peter Bankole
Greaseball (Carlo) – Jon Ivay
Chief Pirate – Patrick Regis
AQ Pirate 2 – Souleiman Ishmael
Khalida Hall – Sandeep Garcha
Graham Hall – David Hounslow
Aala Hall – Rashmika Torchia

Director: Paul Whittington
Producer: Lachlan Mackinnon
Writers: Jonathan Brackley, Sam Vincent

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