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Spotlight Squee: Ken Olin

The reason I’m starting with this guy, as opposed to someone that would perhaps make more sense (such as Sam Neill) to most people who know me, is because it happens to be his birthday today. Happy birthday, Ken! 🙂 Loving this piccy btw! —>

Who is this person?
He’s a TV actor and producer/director. A fact that makes it a bit hard to try and track down stuff he’s been in, because obscure TV movies don’t always make it to DVD and people can’t be arsed to torrent them. He’s starred in stuff like Thirtysomething and is a producter on Brothers & Sisters, where he recently guest starred (season 2). He was also working on Alias and made a guest appearance there in season one.

How did I find this person?
I was channel hopping and came across a movie on the Scifi Channel, called Evolution’s Child. The premise of the movie was a little intriguing, so I came to watch it. Interesting links with the Indigo phenomenon, I thought, and then I saw the guy who played the doctor in it… and well… ta-da! (If anyone can provide me with Evolution’s Child in one form or another, as it’s not out on official DVD – I’ll worship the ground you walk on!)

How long ago was this?
Probably some time during 2007. He’s probably the most recent addition to my list of favourites.

So what’s the deal?
What, are you blind? o.O Should be fairly obvious, I would’ve thought… Anyway, aside from good looks, it’s how much he reminded me of one of my roleplaying characters, except my character is from County Sligo, not Chicago. Eamonn Sheridan, as I live and breathe! When I created Eamonn, I imagined him as some kind of perfect fantasy mix between Thomas Anders and Sam Neill wrapped up in an Irish accent. Tall, dark, handsome, charismatic and down-to-earth and just all around dreamy. I couldn’t really make up an image in my head that was right to illustrate this person, and then one night, there he was, right in front of me on TV, but with a different name. Still, he ticked all the right boxes, except for the accent, but hey, he’s an actor – he can learn. 😉

For someone to be genuinely attractive in my eyes, being a prettyboy isn’t enough. There’s got to be more going on. According to IMDb, he has been married to fellow Thirtysomething co-star Patricia Wettig since about 2½ months before I was born, which now means a little more than 26 years. That’s quite impressive, especially in Hollywood! And it’s totally cute as well (they were a couple in the Brothers & Sisters guest starring thing – and they were lovely together!). 🙂 Plus, from the little information I have been able to find, he seems like a really nice and humble person too. He likes dogs and plays the guitar… The kind of guy whom if you met them in real life, you’d really like.

So, in what way have I been inspired? Makes a great way of picturing the character when writing stuff about Eamonn. Also makes describing Eamonn a lot more fun. 😉 So basically, writing inspiration. Plus I’m amazed that a person I dreamed up actually exists, in a way.

If I met this person IRL, I’d…
…ask him to try an Irish accent, and then probably melt down to a puddle.

Obsession rating:
Would’ve been a lot lower had he not been the perfect Eamonn Sheridan…

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