Stalking opportunity added: Wattpad

Hello world.

Just to let you know I’ve joined Wattpad, which is some sort of writing community. Seems like the place to be. Now I just wonder what I should start uploading to “lose my Wattpad virginity” as it were. Suggestions? 🙂

If you fancy stopping by and saying hello, my username is doctortrax (it had to be 6 or more chars and Traxy is only 5). And just looking at that username now makes me remember when I first signed up at Hotmail (or HoTMaiL as it was back then, way before Microsoft came along) in 1996. Wow, those were the days. *hit by a nostalgia brick*

Anyway, I wish everyone a very nice weekend!

EDIT: There we go! The Sheriff’s Wife is now online. Took a while to edit the text I selected to be the first thing posted, because a) it’s longer than I remembered, and b) it’s been in first draft since November 2007, as it’s the mainstay of chapter seven of that novel. Actually, it’s probably the best part of the whole novel, as it’s the only chapter that has something resembling a plot. And to make matters weirder, the medieval France bit was a flashback to past lives where the four protagonists knew each other. In the chapter afterwards, they have this big New Agey thing where they apologise to one another for what they did back then – and also reveal what happened to the Sheriff and his wife, the carpenter and the servant girl. (It doesn’t exactly end well.)

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