Starlings second series is almost here!

Remember Starlings, Sky1’s drama comedy set in the hills around Matlock in Derbyshire? They’re back – and very soon too! As far as I’m concerned, Starlings turned out to be one of the best new TV shows in 2012, and I’ve been waiting for the next series ever since the final episode of series one aired.

Here’s the trailer for series 2:

You can also see a correct aspect ratio trailer on Sky1’s website, which also says:

The loveable Starling family return for a second series, but all is not well…

This series, for the first time the Starlings family looks in danger of falling apart. While Reuben (Ukweli Roach) needs Fergie (Edge) and Loz (King) to help with a big question he’s about to ask Bell (Rebecca Night), the relationship between Jan (Lesley Sharp) and Terry (Brendan Coyle) is tested to its limit by the arrival of Stephen (Vincent Regan), the tutor of Jan’s new writing class.

The day and time to look out for is Tuesday 2 July at 21:00/9pm on Sky1. CANNOT. WAIT.

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