Strike Back – first two episodes

Sooooooooo… Strike Back… first couple of hours out of six! I was planning on going to bed, but this computer hasn’t been on for ages so has a load of updates to install, so… here I am!

Brooding RA. Blood-soaked RA. Angry RA. Post-traumatic stress disorder RA. Shirtless RA. RA the father (oh snap!). RA the soldier. Running RA. Gun-toting RA. Sweaty RA. Yeah, if it’s Richard Armitage you want, this is just the tonic! 😀

“Open up wide now, Johnny; here comes the airoplane!”

Story-wise, I wasn’t really too interested or drawn-in until the last half-hour or so. Then things started to get interesting. Before that, I was just confused about if it’s supposed to be about the action, about the people behind the headlines (so to speak) or something else. What’s Strike Back supposed to be about? In the end, like some sort of higher-octane version of Spooks? (Have they borrowed the film set from the Beeb? It looks awfully familiar…)

It starts with a hostage rescue mission in Iraq in 2003. Porter disarms a would-be suicide bomber child, but doesn’t kill him – which comes back to bite him in the bum, so to speak. Some of his comrades are killed, Porter gets home and quits the army. PTSD, family problems… his wife moves out with their daughter and the only thing left is for Porter try and get on with life. Cut to 2010, a British journalist (Orla Brady) is kidnapped. She leaves behind a clue… Porter picks up on it, and gets himself reinstated and then it’s Big Damn Hero Time!

Anyone in a hostage situation should share a cell with John Porter. So calm in a raging storm of terror, a strong shoulder to cry on, reassuring voice… aww.

I never knew Batman had a vagina.

Funniest parts of the story so far: John Porter being faced with RorchRosch… *Googles* Rorschach ink blot test, and wryly commenting on all the pictures looking like “vaginas”.

The other being Porter working out at home. Someone needs to take a screenshot of those underarm shrubberies and post them for public view. They make me want to cry out “Ni!” quite badly. Ladies, if you ever partook of the discussion(s?) about RA’s chest hair… Let’s just say a much hairier cat has been let out of the box! 😉

Tell ya someone who wasn’t in either of these episodes. Toby Stephens! At least there’s a 50% chance he’ll be in next week’s episode. (No there isn’t, word is he’ll be in eps 5 & 6. Moo! :() Either way, it should be interesting, and I’m wondering if there’s a market for “What Would Porter Do?” bumper stickers. What he would do? Show off his luscious biceps, probably. We definitely need more shots with his shirt off. Or one of those boiler suit scenes… wieee! We can but dream.

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