Swedish Ways: Långfredagen

Because I’ve been really busy with work recently, and because today is a Bank Holiday, I’m actually going to take a little break, and not post a review today. In fact, I’m going to shock myself and not even write one for Monday either, because that’s also a bank holiday! Instead, for today, I’ll write a few words about Easter in Sweden.

Today is Good Friday, or Långfredagen as we call it. “Long Friday”, the day when Jesus got captured and eventually strung up on a cross. Back in the day, you weren’t supposed to do any work on this day, but instead just reflect over the suffering of Christ on the cross. No wonder they called it “long” Friday, because how long must it have felt for all the kids who didn’t want to sit still?

Nowadays, it’s just a red letter day, meaning it’s a day off work. Kids are on their Easter holiday – one week, either the week before or after Easter – and the weather might or might not remind anyone of spring. Tomorrow is more interesting to write about, because then it’s Easter. For now, I’ll … well, not contemplate crucifixion, but rather enjoy having a day off, and hope the weather will be nice. 🙂

These are not to be confused with Jesus.
These men are Pythons, bless ’em.

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