Swedish Ways: Våffeldagen (with recipe!)

It’s that time again! Today, we put the clocks forward one hour – in fact, by the time we’ve woken up today, it will have happened already. In Christian mythos, it’s the day where virgin Mary was told she was to become the most famous teenage mum in two millennia. In Sweden, this is called Jungfru Maria bebådelsedag. At some point, this was known as Vårfrudagen (day of our lady), but through some sort of Chinese whispers, it morphed into Våffeldagen (waffle day). Bit of a difference, really.

Traditionally, you’d have Swedish waffles with whipped cream and jam. Preferably straight from the waffle iron, so they’re crispy and hot. For some reason, my mum has never quite understood why hot, crispy waffles are nicer than cold and spongy ones. They’re not pancakes, after all. (Mmm, cold pancakes!)

Can’t let this occasion slip past without a recipe. This is the one I’ve got written down in my recipe book, but I’m not sure if it’s the recipe we’ve actually used traditionally in my family. Don’t think it matters much, though. Still waffles! 😀

Swedish egg waffles

(6 waffles)

2 eggs
250 ml milk
2 tbsp melted butter or margarine
250 ml (wheat) flour*
1 tsp baking powder*

* (I think you might get away with 250 ml self-raising flour here instead)

Whip together egg yolks and stir in the flour mixed with the baking powder. Add the melted butter. Whip the egg whites to a hard foam and mix it carefully with the batter.

Err, apply some at a time to a greased waffle iron? Serve with a jam of your choice and whipped cream. Enjoy! 🙂

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