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Tag: Spooks

Spooks 8.8

Erm, okay, if my period was this late, I’d be about two months pregnant. So let’s get straight to business! I wanted this post to

Spooks 8.7

The penultimate episode of this series! I’ve had the DVR faithfully record each and every episode off Freeview, so I can put them on DVD

Spooks 8.6

Incidentally, last night, some channel or other was showing the movie Avatar from 2004… starring… Genevieve O’Reilly! She had a funny accent, bordering on Aussie.

Spooks 8.5

Decided to watch last night’s episode after having let the cat out and seeing the Squeeze off to work, as a way of making me

Spooks 8.4

I’m writing this while watching the episode… if you’ve seen it, you’ll have no trouble understanding why. 😉 I’ve paused it on 13:50, because woah,

Spooks 8.3

A group of filthy rich businessmen and -women called the Bilderberg Bendorf group are kidnapped and held hostage during one of their super-secret meetings. Ros

Spooks 8.2

A gas processing plant explodes, leaving Britain with a gas shortage. Time to start negotiating with eastern Europe. The Russians? No, they’ll ask too much.