Team Rochester vs Team Heathcliff

Right now, it’s all Team Edward vs Team Jacob*. But 150 years or so ago, Charlotte and Emily Brontë created two of the most fabulous male leads ever. But which one is the best?

You decide…

Team Rochester

Timothy Dalton as Rochester

Well, it’s got to be Rochester, hasn’t it? Or Edward Fairfax Rochester, if we’re giving him his terribly posh full name. He’s not the traditional type of hero. Instead of talk, dark and handsome, he’s medium-height, dark and really quite ugly (although every actor who’s ever played him has been gorgeous). He spends a lot of Jane Eyre being REALLY grumpy too. There’s a reason for this and I’m absolutely not going to reveal why because it would spoil the book. But as well as being a bit snappy, Rochester can be a bit of a trickster too. He likes a laugh. Oh, and he makes the best entrance ever, galloping out of the mist and into the pages of Jane Eyre on a massive, rearing horse. Top marks, Rochester.

Team Heathcliff

Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff

No, no, no. I think you’ll find that Heathcliff is way better. And FYI, it’s just Heathcliff. Whether it’s his first name or his surname, no one knows. How totally cool is that? He’s plucked from goodness knows where by Mr Earnshaw and plonked in the middle of a family that isn’t very welcoming – apart from Cathy, who charms him and winds him up. Is it any wonder he’s miserable, brooding and especially good at getting the hump?

And as for galloping about on a stallion, Heathcliff doesn’t have time for such nonsense. He’s far too busy plotting revenge and winning his true love. And how romantic is that?

* I’m Team Edward, by the way. Red-haired vampires rock.

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