The Dirty Dozen (1967)

thedirtydozenCategory: Drama/WW2 from 1967 
Country: USA
Reviewed: 2004
Summary: Surprisingly good!

Not too bad, I thought, even though I seriously doubt any nazis would look at the black soldier and think him a nazi…

Twelve military inmates, several on death row, are presented with a choice: become soldiers on a top secret mission or go through with their sentances. They are trained to be efficient, and boy, they sure are eager to proove themselves.

At the training camp, it might be a bit slow, but it was a bit like one of those reality shows on TV – put a bunch of convicted felons in a camp and try to make soldiers out of them and see what happens. Surprisingly, the movie was better than I expected.

Somewhat unbelievable, perhaps, but quite amusing at times. The end bit made me very uncomfortable, considering what they did (I’m not telling what it is, don’t want to spoil things), but I suppose that’s just the way war is.

Watch it on a rainy day! It’s kind of fun to see Telly “Kojak” Savalas, Charles Bronson and Donald Sutherland running around, although Savalas’ character really needed a reality check.

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