The Disappearance of Finbar (1996)

disappearanceoffinbarCategory: Drama from 1996
Country: Ireland/Sweden/United Kingdom
Date: 11 March 2004
Summary: Nice scenery doesn’t make up for the lack of a plot

A movie said to be Irish-English-Swedish was enough to make me watch it when it was on TV, but I must say I’m disappointed. The movie starts out in Ireland, Finbar disappears, then half the movie goes by, and then suddenly Finbar decides to phone up his old friend Danny, telling him he’s in Sweden. If the movie was half-interesting and believable in the beginning, after Danny goes to Sweden, it becomes decreasingly interesting and believable.

The scenery is really nice (even though I personally can’t stand being in the north of Sweden because of all the snow and the freezing cold), but lovely nature pictures of it doesn’t make up for the complete lack of anything resembling a proper plot. It’s far too weak! Why did Danny go all that way and through all that trouble to search for Finbar, when Finbar was a completely selfish prat who no one in their right mind could really care about (let alone the movie audience!) – which we learn from the first five minutes of the film? The story’s so full of plot holes it could compete with a Swiss cheese!

The only good thing about it, apart from the scenery pictures, is the Irish accent, and a chance to recognise some people who were in Michael Collins, plus Lorraine Pilkington (Monarch of the Glen). That’s about it. Sure, you can watch this movie if you’ve got nothing better to do, but you’d be better off watching something else.

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