The man that is Richard Armitage – interview suggestions?

For the upcoming Richard Armitage FanstRAvaganza, my topic is going to be to delve more into the man behind the actor, to try and figure out why we’re so drawn to him. Aside from talents and good looks, how come many of us can’t read an interview with him without going completely potty and fancy him even more? What’s up with that? Why are we so infatuated with this ordinary Leicestershire lad?

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions when it comes to interviews he’s done where he talks about himself. I don’t mean really personal stuff (like that one where he’s lured into talking about how he lost his virginity and stuff like that) but you know, where he talks about having a BMW but would prefer an old, bashed up car; where he talks about food, sports, hobbies, DIY and all that sort of thing. Are there any articles that you’ve read that have stood out in particular for you that you can give as suggestions for me to have a closer look at? 🙂

P.S. We’ve bought ingredients to be able to make one of the dishes he mentions in an article, the salmon and tomato couscous. It will be made either Wednesday or Thursday, if all goes to plan, and I’ll be sure to take pictures! 🙂

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