The return of “5 Weeks – 5 Themes”

After last time, I thought I’d stay well clear of this feature, but as luck would have it … I haven’t learned anything from the past, and have decided to give it another go. So without further ado, starting tomorrow, 5 Weeks – 5 Themes is back!

5 Weeks - 5 Themes 2013

The idea of the feature is to group reviews into certain themes each week. Last week, I was posting five reviews a week … and shortly after that was when I opted for the three-a-week format, which is more sustainable for, well, my stress levels.

Like last year, I won’t say in which order the themes will come, as that’s subject to my ever-changing whims last-minute changes, but I can say as much that Brilliant Biopics and Weird & Wonderful will be returning. Just Jack (films starring Jack Nicholson) is giving way to another fine actor: Perfect Pitt (guess who?); and there will also be a few Riveting Royals coming along.

The first theme this year, however, is Infamous Infatuations. There are a couple of doomed romances (both based on real people, but one might be slightly less squicky more historically accurate than the other). The third one … was going to be the Jeremy Irons version of Lolita, but I would have to re-watch it (been years), and when I located my little notebook, I realised that there was another film I had seen but not yet reviewed that also fitted the bill, so I’m going for that instead. Will re-watch (and then review) Lolita some other time instead.

Infamous Infatuations

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