The stars of the first on-screen Dirk Gently

The BBC have revealed who will be starring in their upcoming Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency adaptation.

And it is: Stephen Mangan as Dirk Gently. Don’t know the name, but recognise the face.

Mr Holistic Detective
(Love the glasses!)

Darren Boyd as Richard Macduff, the computer programmer. Again: no idea, see the pic: Oh him!

The owner of a stuck sofa

Helen Baxendale as Susan Way. Rachel off of Cold Feet! 🙂 Unless they don’t bugger up the script to be completely different from the book, she doesn’t die in this. Yay!

Yes, she has been in more things than Cold Feet. But that’s the one we all know her from.

There is nothing on IMDb yet (gasp), so that’s actually all I know when it comes to casting so far. But oh, I’m all excited! 😀 Would love to find out who will portray Gordon Way and the old professor as well, but I guess time will tell.

The filming has started in Bristol this week, and the show will air some time this winter on BBC4. And I can’t wait!!! The Dirk Gently books are fab. They’re not Hitchhiker’s Guide, because Douglas Adams did manage to write more than that series of books (although he did try his best not to). They’re quirky (obviously), funny (obviously) and mind-bending philosophical conundrums. Superb stuff! 🙂

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