Thomas Anders vs Spooks – or not, but one can dream

I don’t quite know what the spy theme is all about, but Thomas Anders in a tux – hey, that works for me. 😉 Besides, it gives me something to look at while I’m waiting for Strong to be released in Germany because I’m not keen on paying £40 for the Russian version of the album. (I know it comes with a DVD but it’s not like it’s got a whole lot on it, you know?) And there’s STILL no release date for it! It’s been out like a whole YEAR in Russia now and Stay With Me is the new single, apparently.

Ph33r my hacking skillz for embedding this video without it actually having an embedding link! (It’s you and me, Tariq!)

The song? Yeah, ‘s awight. The video … yeah, err, looks shiny but I don’t really know where the whole James Bond thing came from? And if we’re talking spies, then I prefer talking about Spooks, because of who’s in it, or who used to be in it.

Yeah … Him.

Now that’s a thought … Thomas Anders and Lucas North Richard Armitage. When I’m done giggling over the fact that there’s a distinct height difference between the two that’s probably quite funny when you see them next to each other (16 cm or 6.3″), there’s definitely a fangasm coming on. I squee at the mere thought. Just like I will probably do if Sam Neill pops up in The Hobbit. *ohpleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease*

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