Today is International Magic Day!

Saturday, 31 July 2010! Not just the birthday of Harry Potter and his creator, JK Rowling, but also the date of the first International Magic Day!

The aim is to dress up as witches and wizards (or witches/wizards trying to blend into muggle society) for the day, and celebrate everything magic! Dress up, take a picture and share it. 🙂

You are hereby cordially invited to participate (and invite other muggles and magic folk alike).

An essential part of the gear for a witch or wizard is of course a wand. Might I introduce my choice of handycraft? Wandmaking! (Well, if you’re a Harry Potter nerd with a penchant for Paganism and enjoyed whittling sticks as a child, it was bound to happen sooner or later!) Have a look at the collection at – more are added as they are finished. 🙂 And when my camera doesn’t run out of batteries, which is the current problem!

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