W13 back for seconds

Warehouse 13 – SyFy (*shudders*) Channel’s quirky show about a couple of FBI agents out to grab, bag ‘n’ tag magical artefacts and store them safely in a big ol’ warehouse – is back for a second season. It starts airing in the US on July 13, with twelve episodes.

My hopes and dreams are for the character who seemed to have been killed off actually wasn’t. After all, s/he did carry that regeneration artefact at the time, so chances are we’re just led to believe s/he died, when in fact, s/he is still alive. Please let it be so, it was only the bestest character in the show!

Also, if that wasn’t exciting enough, one of the episodes has as its guest stars Jewel Staite and Sean Maher, or Kaylee and Simon from Firefly (an awesome and far too cancelled TV show) and Serenity (an awesome film). I’m all tingly! And they’re going to play a couple… or sorts. This time, it’s Maher’s character who has unrequited love for Staite’s, not the other way around, although the “unrequited” part of Kaylee/Simon turned out to not be so unrequited after all – hooray! Morena Baccarin (Inara) is currently in the V remake, Summer Glau is in The Sarah Connor Chronicles (last time I zapped past it which was a while ago) and Nathan Fillion is apparently starring in comedy/drama Castle, which (note to self) is premiering in the UK on digital channel Alibi on April 7. Nice to see they’re being kept busy. I know I haven’t listed the full Serenity crew, but I went by the ones I’ve seen recently and I don’t recall seeing Book, Zoe, Wash or Jayne as recently as the others.

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