Waiting for Strike Back

Oh SNAP! Just saw a Strike Back promo on Sky1. A proper, long trailer, probably about a couple of minutes long. Didn’t realise it was that to begin with, until I saw Richard Armitage. Then all of a sudden, the telly had my full attention! Gee, I wonder why? Holy squee! Could it be that he looked angsty and just… amazing?

The Commander in Chief in uniform. Leading us poor, defenceless and most of all exceedingly hormonal ladies into estrogene-infused fits of gleeful delight and awe.
It mainly featured Richard and Andrew Lincoln, but it looks to be really good. Shame the trailer didn’t feature Toby Stephens. I can see what attracted Richard to the part. It just seems like the character has issues coming out the wazoo. Oh, it’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait! 😀 It’s said to be shown starting 1 May, six parts or so. That’s at least 280 minutes of joy.

Here’s a short promo, only because I can’t see a longer one on YouTube and kinda “take what we can get”:

Richard Armitage Net have a gallery with the pictures from the trailer, though. Move out, soldier! We ain’t the Armitage Army for nowt!

Oh and to top it all off, the second Santander ad just came on as I’m typing this. Swooooooon! Actually… I’ve realised I’m already a Santander customer. The company who handle one of my credit cards was taken over by them. Not that I’d go running to them to beg them to open an account just because RA’s doing the voiceovers. That’d be silly. It just makes me slightly tingly to know I’m already a customer. And that’s soooo freakin’ sad! Sheesh! And I can’t believe I just admitted to it as well. *cough* See what he reduces us too? Giggly teenagers, regardless of our age! And the clincher? We totally don’t mind.

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