Waiting for Wuthering Heights ’09

Looked through the cast list for Wuthering Heights ’09 and the only names/faces I recognised were Andrew Lincoln as Edgar Linton – who used to be in Afterlife – and Caribbean pirate Kevin McNally. The rest I’m completely in the dark as to who they are. The script writer did Desperate Romantics, which I didn’t get around to seeing (any good?), and some medical dramas and other more modern-day shows.

I dunno, I’m just not really taken with it. Maybe watching it will change my mind… on the other hand, there’s still the problem of it being Wuthering Heights and not, oh, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre or North & South … so we’ll see.

Put the timer on, but the freeview signal on ITV normally isn’t too great, unfortunately, but right now we’re not at home, so it will have to do. ITV’s catchup service on the website might work otherwise. Can’t miss a classic story turned into a TV costume drama, after all!

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