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What would make you go off Richard Armitage?

As in, what would be a dealbreaker for you? What would turn you off?

There are a number of things that make us love this poor lad so much, so that every time he says something, we keel over, swooning uncontrollably and declaring how much we love him and what a wonderful man he is. Every new (or old) interview I read, there’s always something that makes me sigh like a little infatuated fangirl and just making it one step closer to writing “Richard” on a piece of paper and encircling it “Richard” with a heart.

So, the question inevitably comes: What could he possibly say or do to make the infatuation end, the admiration fizzle out?

From what I’ve been able to figure out about myself, it would have to be something pretty darn drastic.

Bearded Armitage
(More bearded goodness here!)

Getting a beard totally failed. It just made him even more smouldering. Oh so manly, oh so gorgeous, be still our hearts! So no, facial hair is not a dealbreaker. More like a Beard of Manly Awesomeness, giving a +5 bonus to all Fascinate Fangirls rolls, to put it in roleplaying terms.

As an animal lover, to find out that he’s an animal hater would be sad. Why would he hate animals? If he didn’t like animals … well, I’d put him with all the other people who say they don’t like animals – i.e. the “you’re weird” category. Sorry if you’re one of these people who don’t happen to share my passion for cats, dogs, rabbits and all manner of other wonderful furry or feathery creatures … but I can’t help it, I genuinely think you’re weird. Phobias, I sympathise with (being a terrible arachnophobe myself), and not having the time to have a pet or not wanting the hassle, fair enough. But not liking them? No, that’s just too bizarre.

How can this not make you go “aaaaaaw”?


I’d be most upset if he turned out to actually hate animals and be cruel to them. But I really don’t think that’s something he would do. He doesn’t seem the type, he’s too considerate and kind and empathic, and he comes from a country full of animal lovers too, so no. That’s out – thank gods!

If he started sleeping around with everyone, that would not be a good thing. Most celebrities seem to do this, being unable to keep a stable relationship, so that’s no way to go. Would I stop enjoying the things he’s acting in? Probably not. (As a fan, I’ve put up with Dieter Bohlen being a womanising git for years and I still love his music.)

If he was gay? It would be sad. Perhaps. But I’d get over it and still enjoy his acting, and his voice and everything else.

If he turned out to have a view of women akin to that of a book I reviewed last week (NSFW), then … yeah, that would turn me right off. And make me seriously question his sanity.

So in short, for Richard Armitage to lose some of that high regard I hold him in, he would have to be a cruel, woman-hating sadist. Somehow, I have severe difficulties imagining him to be one of those, as he really doesn’t seem the type. (Thank goodness!) Might just have to live with him being a wonderful person all around.

How about you? What would make the Armitage ardency fizzle out for you?

Traxy Thornfield

A Swedish introvert residing in Robin Hood Country (Nottingham, UK) with a husband and two cats. She's an eager participant in tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying, woodworking, photography and European travel, when there's not a plague on. Might get a novel out one of these days, if she doesn't get too distracted along the way.

25 thoughts on “What would make you go off Richard Armitage?

  1. Loved this post! I’ve been wondering the same thing. I think for me – if he ended up being a pedophile or a rapist. Something truly awful. He couldn’t redeem himself in my eyes from something like that.

    But if he had human failings, like sleeping around some with the ladies, I would probably not love it but I’d also worry about what’s going on there inside of him to be doing that.

    And on the issue of pets – he did say that he bonded with his horse ‘Richie’ in RH so I think it’s probably safe to say he likes animals. Phew! (I like you also adore animals of kinds, except maybe snakes….)

    And let’s face it, the God that is RA must have some human failings. But aren’t we glad we don’t know about them yet? I’m rather enjoying being enthralled by him right now. 🙂

  2. Since this post rather bookends the topic of my post today, hope you don’t mind but I’ve linked it on my blog. 🙂

  3. Great post!

    This is a difficult one. I do expect him to have some human failings, though I haven’t found them yet (OK, he used to smoke, but that’s a minor one). If he’s gay, I would also be sad, and it might change my romantic fantasies of him some, but he would still be the talented and wonderful guy we hope he is. A womanizer, maybe a bit, but then again I’m a fan of Sean Bean’s and he’s been married four times. Though I would like to think RA is a very level headed and sensitive guy.

    I think it would have to be pretty drastic. If he turned out to secretly be leading a “Charlie Sheen” kind of life, that may be the breaking point for me, but even then, I can’t be sure if I thought he was trying to sincerely change his ways. But probably that would be the point I would reconsider my passion for RA!

  4. the only way I would go off Richard is if he would be a sadistic, pedophile, racist person. But hat just sounds too drastic. He’s been in the public eye for almost a decade now… He’s just a genuinely nice guy, i think….
    Aaahh. .. assumptions..!!! But if he was any way like the person in your reviewed book ( the last week one) , i would certainly reconsider my apparent love and respect for him… 🙂

  5. I can’t even imagine him not being his wonderful self! When he gets super famous and has more fans than any other star in the world… maybe then I could give him up — But only for some other overlooked super talented, really extraordinary other up and coming actor… Is it possible?
    NAH!! I CAN’T QUIT HIM!!!!

  6. Fabulous post!
    Ooh, what a tough question!
    For me, it’d have to be him being a womanizing drug addict. That would kill me.

    But I can’t imagine him ever being like that, I mean, come on! He’s 40, and still clean!

  7. The answer contrary to appearances is not easy for me because this question is about my limit of tolerance. Only that I feel that if the matter concerns a person that has my deep sympathy (and I admit that I really like RA, not only because it is an excellent actor but it seems to be a wonderful man) tolerance is different compared to those neutral to me. So RA would have done something really disgusting but I lack a imagination in this topic.
    At the moment for me RA is ideal and my admiration for him of every day is greater.

  8. I was thinking about not so very drastic, like killing his fan in rage, but If he will show a finger and said “F&^% You”, I don’t need You, to his fans that will be for me awful… Well he can do this to journalists, this will be fun ;D but not to fans :/ But he probably won’t. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the comments, ladies! I think we’re all pretty much agreeing here: RA would basically have to be a criminal pervert before we start disliking him! Good to know. 😉

  10. Made me think: I am not really “a RA can do no wrong” type of fan. I don’t know, maybe if he poked fun at Native Americans, called me a squaw, said Custer was his hero….But seriously, if he started behaving like Charlie Sheen, or if he turned into a Michael Vick and abusing animals, or if went all Hollywood and started thinking he was a God.

    OMG Jonia…killing his fans in rage! lol!

    1. Either of those would NOT work in his favour, that’s for sure! Well, okay, I’m not of Native American descent so can’t relate there, but aside from that. 🙂

  11. Hmmm, it would have to be something really drastic, something that would cause me to lose all respect for him: racist, pedophile, mysoginist, narcissist… yeah, it would have to be major.

    On further reflection if he were a serial cheater or a willful ignoramous- not good.

    1. *Tries to imagine RA in a wifebeater vest shouting for his woman to bring him “another brewski, bitch!” and making derogatory comments about his black neighbours.*

      *Completely fails to imagine all of the above. Which is just as well because it would be too dreadful.*

  12. If Richard became any of those horrible things mentioned above, I’d have to say bye, bye.
    If I found out he was gay, it would turn me off as I can’t see a gay actor playing a straight romantic figure.  It just wouldn’t wash and I would no longer have these fantasies about him. I would still enjoy the things he’s done but I would no longer be the crazed fangirl .
    It would be “Hugh Jackman here I come!”  (unless HE’s gay)
    P.S. I’m not a homophobe.

    1. As far as I know, Hugh Jackman has been happily married to a woman for quite a few years now, so I think you’re safe. 😛

      As for straight romantic figures, I have no issue with it. Perhaps if the actor was so overtly camp even when he’s acting, because … well, that wouldn’t really gel. Had no issue with Simon snogging Kaylee in Serenity, and he’s gay. Oh, I just had an idea for a post.

    2. P.S. You are a homophobe. You would turn away from his purely based on his sexuality. That does make you a homophobe. [personal attack moderated]

      1. You are very selective when you read, Daniel. That’s not what Sabrina said. Read this line again: “I would still enjoy the things he’s done but I would no longer be the crazed fangirl .”

    1. At least he doesn’t hate animals. That would have been worse. He can always learn to like, or at least tolerate, cats – my dad did! 🙂

  13. I know this is an old post but I’ll just reply anyway. I totally agree with all the things you said, especially the part about animals. No matter how great someone is in all other respects, if they hate animals, it just ruins everything. I can’t stand when people get rid of their pets just because their new boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like them.
    I think I would actually get put off him if he became a womaniser. That’s just the sort of thing that always really bothers me. And also if the fame went to his head and he became an egomaniac. However, I think it’s extremely unlikely that any of these things will ever happen. He said in an interview once that he has a pretty strict moral code and he just seems like such a respectful, modest person in general. In fact the only real human failing I’ve ever heard him mention is being messy, which is hardly a cardinal sin. I’m pretty messy myself so I could easily forgive that.

    1. When I volunteered at a rescue cattery, I heard they had once had in a cat because his/her human had got a new sofa and the cat didn’t match it in colour. Why did they even bother getting a pet in the first place? It’s not a fashion accessory!

      Agree with the rest of your comment too, Bugsy23. Well put, and thank you for posting! 🙂

  14. ‘f he was gay? It would be sad. ‘ sad? why? Its not like you’ve got a chance with him anyway.

    Youre the worst type of homophobe, you dont even realise youre doing it.

    1. Congratulations on being so selective in your reading that you miss the WHOLE POINT. Okay, let me clarify: “If he was gay? It would be sad for all the fangirls that fantasise about him despite having no chance with him whatsoever because it means there would be absolutely no chance with him, even if the chances were pretty much nil to begin with. On the other hand, I’d be happy for the gay fanboys who would then have a slim to none chance instead of us.” Happy?

      And for the record, I’m not interested in having “a chance” with him either way.

      You’re very quick in going around calling people homophobes, which kinda says more about you than it does the rest of us. Also: read my old post What if Richard Armitage was gay? and the follow-up post And you call yourself a Richard Armitage fan? and then come back and call me a homophobe. I fucking DARE you.

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