What would make you go off Richard Armitage?

As in, what would be a dealbreaker for you? What would turn you off?

There are a number of things that make us love this poor lad so much, so that every time he says something, we keel over, swooning uncontrollably and declaring how much we love him and what a wonderful man he is. Every new (or old) interview I read, there’s always something that makes me sigh like a little infatuated fangirl and just making it one step closer to writing “Richard” on a piece of paper and encircling it “Richard” with a heart.

So, the question inevitably comes: What could he possibly say or do to make the infatuation end, the admiration fizzle out?

From what I’ve been able to figure out about myself, it would have to be something pretty darn drastic.

Bearded Armitage
(More bearded goodness here!)

Getting a beard totally failed. It just made him even more smouldering. Oh so manly, oh so gorgeous, be still our hearts! So no, facial hair is not a dealbreaker. More like a Beard of Manly Awesomeness, giving a +5 bonus to all Fascinate Fangirls rolls, to put it in roleplaying terms.

As an animal lover, to find out that he’s an animal hater would be sad. Why would he hate animals? If he didn’t like animals … well, I’d put him with all the other people who say they don’t like animals – i.e. the “you’re weird” category. Sorry if you’re one of these people who don’t happen to share my passion for cats, dogs, rabbits and all manner of other wonderful furry or feathery creatures … but I can’t help it, I genuinely think you’re weird. Phobias, I sympathise with (being a terrible arachnophobe myself), and not having the time to have a pet or not wanting the hassle, fair enough. But not liking them? No, that’s just too bizarre.

How can this not make you go “aaaaaaw”?


I’d be most upset if he turned out to actually hate animals and be cruel to them. But I really don’t think that’s something he would do. He doesn’t seem the type, he’s too considerate and kind and empathic, and he comes from a country full of animal lovers too, so no. That’s out – thank gods!

If he started sleeping around with everyone, that would not be a good thing. Most celebrities seem to do this, being unable to keep a stable relationship, so that’s no way to go. Would I stop enjoying the things he’s acting in? Probably not. (As a fan, I’ve put up with Dieter Bohlen being a womanising git for years and I still love his music.)

If he was gay? It would be sad. Perhaps. But I’d get over it and still enjoy his acting, and his voice and everything else.

If he turned out to have a view of women akin to that of a book I reviewed last week (NSFW), then … yeah, that would turn me right off. And make me seriously question his sanity.

So in short, for Richard Armitage to lose some of that high regard I hold him in, he would have to be a cruel, woman-hating sadist. Somehow, I have severe difficulties imagining him to be one of those, as he really doesn’t seem the type. (Thank goodness!) Might just have to live with him being a wonderful person all around.

How about you? What would make the Armitage ardency fizzle out for you?

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