What’s eating Richard Armitage?

The subject of food is one a little too dear to my heart (there’s being voluptuous and then there’s just being fat, aaight? :P), and – hooray! – there seems to be some of this in Dear Richard too. After all, was he not the one who mentioned fantasising about kissing Nigella Lawson after she’s eaten some of her sumptuous chocolate cake? To that, I say: Hey Mister! I make wicked brownies! *polite cough* So today, the topic is going to be food!

Yeah, I could’ve posted a piccy of a chocolate
cake here, but decided Nigella is better for our
collective waistlines. Unless we eat her, but
then that would be rather disturbed.

Our man’s also been on telly with another Richard, making a Thai green curry with Myleene Klass in the way, he’s been known to make smiley faces out of chunks of stilton and he’s also mentioned how he’s fixated on a certain dish from Jamie Oliver – one which I have actually tried making! (How it went will be revealed later today.)

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. The stomach of Our Richard has microwave scrambled eggs and porridge. The latter, yes, that’s what I do too. The first – meh, prefer it in a classic pan. And not scrambled. I bet he grew up with Sunday roasts and that when he comes home to his parents, there’s a nice, traditional Sunday roast on the table. And he probably helps peeling the potatoes too, swoon.

Actually, yes. Found a quote!

I try and eat as healthily as possible. A bit of fish, fresh vegetables … It’s how I was brought up. Growing up in Leicester, my brother and I used to whinge about not having any of the ready-made dinners that came onto the market in the 1970s. But Mum’s always hated anything processed. And now I’m the same, so when I go home I look forward to her cooking. [Sunday Times]

That quote warms the cockles of my heart. My mum has always been the same, and I’m like that too. The best and healthiest meals are made from scratch at home, because you can control everything that goes in the dish. It’s a bonus if you know how to cook, although I don’t think you need to be a brilliant cook to make some tasty dishes at home. If you don’t know how to make something, a cookbook is normally quite useful.

This is the one I grew up with at home

There are fancy-schmancy cookbooks with food you wouldn’t normally eat (such as The Masterchef Cookbook), but plenty of cookbooks are full of basics, such as how to make pancakes, boil an egg, cook a roast and so on. Really very useful, so if you haven’t got yourself a good, basic cook book, invest in one.

Ready meals are never as nice as if you had made them yourself, and even though the ingredients are listed on the back, you don’t have any control over what’s gone in it, be it salt, fat, allergens or additives. By cooking food yourself, you can cater for all dietary reqirements, such as low salt or low fat. Normally, if you eat out, food will be cooked in a lot of fat, and on cooking shows on TV, chefs are obsessed with drizzling olive oil over everything. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s not exactly going to help your cause. We’ve noticed that before, we used to have lots of takeaways, and we both put on weight. Now, because we’ve joined a healthy eating “club”, we’ve started cooking at home again, and nine weeks in, I’ve dropped around 10 kg / 20 lbs. The thing is, we both actually really enjoy cooking, so it’s not a question of “can’t cook, won’t cook” – more like “can’t be bothered to cook tonight, let’s order a takeaway”. It doesn’t help that we’re both big fans of Chinese, Thai and Indian food either, so takeaways are not just an easy option, they’re a darn tasty one too!

Richard (trying to bring the post back from a healthy cooking rant) hasn’t said much about takeaways himself, but he seems to be more the one to cook for himself anyway. Well, there is of course the comment about fancying sitting on a lazy Saturday afternoon with some mates, watching rugby on the telly and eating pizza, drinking beer. Perhaps he was talking about home-made pizza. 😉

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