Where are parts 3+4 of Strike Back at?!

“There’s not much makeup in the army, is there? They only have that nighttime look, and that’s a bit slapdash, isn’t it?”

Right now you might be wondering where the reviews of parts 3+4 of Strike Back have got to, because HELLO they were on telly YESTERDAY, so where they at?!

Well, they’re on the DVR. I set it to record as we went out last night (please stop imagining sparkly tops, high heels and loud disco music – it was a comic book and gaming store, and we partook in a 4th Ed D&D Forgotten Realms campaign :P), and as we got back late-ish, didn’t have time to see it then. Or, rather, I prioritised sleep as I had to get up today and go to work!

Ooo, my plastic pal to have fun with!

Today, when we finally got home, there were other scheduled things to watch, namely Legend of the Seeker and Sanctuary on Syfy, of which I only tend to follow the former. (I like Amanda Tapping in the Stargate stuff, but OMG that fake British accent is on par with Genevieve O’Reilly’s American! That is, it’s so bad it’s awful.)

So it depends on if we can fit it in tomorrow night after work, before Lost (Sky1, 21:00, only two episodes to go after this one – gasp!) and NCIS (FX+1, 22:00, four episodes left of season 7 after this one). So unfortunately, it’ll be a while longer. If any of you have seen it yet, was it any good? Do I have something to look forward to? 🙂

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