Women in Love – finally an airdate!

And that airdate is TOMORROW! The BBC two-part adaptation of DH Lawrence’s Women in Love and The Rainbow starts tomorrow, Thursday 24 March 2011 at 9 pm / 21:00 on BBC Four and concludes Thursday 31 March.

Ursula (Rachael Stirling) and Gudrun (Rosamund Pike)

The adaptation was filmed in South Africa as opposed to in Nottinghamshire, where the book is actually set, for “budgetary constraints“. Last time I remember seeing outdoors South Africa trying to pose as outdoors England was in Merlin: The Return, and the least said about that film the better. (Scenery was just one of many things that let that piece of sh production down.) It looked nothing like England, let’s put it that way.

I’m curious about this production. I’ve managed to claw my way through Women in Love so that I’m now about half-way through chapter 29, leaving only two more chapters to go. Largely thanks to the commendable recording courtesy of Ruth Golding (LibriVox), which has allowed me to listen to it in the car or while making dinner, because the actual novel itself has laid largely untouched on the side in the bathroom. I’ve just found it tremendously difficult to get into and have found the characters to be dislikeable to varying degrees and it just hasn’t grabbed me or my attention very well, not to mention the too-sudden changes in people’s reactions that confuse me. (Will get to that when I finish the darn thing and actually review it.)

The Rainbow is part of the same omnibus (a big, orange thing from the early 1980s) that contains Women in Love and three short story/novellas, and if the first novel of that thing is hard to get into and I don’t even like the characters, how the hell am I supposed to get through The Rainbow? Maybe Debra Lynn (LibriVox) can be of assistance. 🙂

In any case, watching the two books in two parts on the telly will do the job pretty well, I reckon. I hope so, anyway. What’s a few more short hours with Gudrun and Ursula when I’ve endured so many already? Maybe the adaptation can even make the story palatable and make The Rainbow appear interesting enough to start reading. Although not just yet. Picked up another collection of DH Lawrence’s short stories from a charity shop recently, and that, shall we say, tempts me a whole lot more at the moment. But we’ll see.

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